Friends Only

Everyone else is doing it, so why not me? LoL!

If you're a friend of someone on my f-list that I talk to regularly, I'll most likely add you right away. But, if you're an unknown to me, I'd appreciate a comment to this post letting me know what we have in common.

I've been getting some really funky people adding me lately. If I can't read your journal (sorry, I only speak English) or if we have nothing in common (take a gander at my profile) then, um, there's really no reason to add me since I probably won't add you back.

A few important points:

If the only reason you want to friend me is for my graphics, please don't. Join wildflwr_fields instead. I post very few graphics on my personal journal.

If the only reason you want to friend me is for my stories, please don't. Join flwrsinthefield instead. I don't post my past fan fic on my personal journal.

If you want to be friends with me in order to possibly get your hands on dynonugget's fan fic, please don't bother. Dynonugget is my best friend, but I will not be used for the mere purpose of obtaining her fan fic. She decided that only close friends may have access to her writing community and membership is closed.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Tangled couple

F-List Cut Complete

I have completed the cut and kept a few extra people that were not on the original list. I'm glad to have you all on there! ♥

Below are the names of those that have been cut. Please, if you would remove me from your list I would appreciate it. If I am not removed within 48 hours, I will set a ban on you. I'm not doing this to be mean, I just want to get things on my list and journal cleaned up. The cut is nothing against you personally. We have just grown apart, not talked in a very long time, you added me without commenting on my locked post or we no longer have anything in common. I hope you understand and I wish you all well.

If a name has a strike, it means they have kindly complied to my wishes.


alice_granger | alina290 | angel_mischa


callywaggy | calumfan | clannoire | cliodnahpfan

damedbx | dari_67 | dmbutterfly21 | dont_blink | dracodew17



ginny_lv_harry | greatestheroine

haydenhot4eva | hp_dm_lover | huner

iaia88 | ilkee | imxtraordinary | inadaze22

jazzy4106 | jstroudpainter

cardigankate | kazfeist

remarkable1 | lexy_malfoy

mcflyfan1 | mightymax019 | mistr3ssnabby | miyabita13 | mommy_of_4_4 | moondreamer101

natsky1988 | nitoskasaint | nival_vixen | noordinarylife

old_kid | end1essly

parasj29 | phoenix_sword | pixi_ana_vixn


sarannadewylde | serade_black | shinigamioni | skinnieminnie27 | dedra | sweet_iolanthe

tamatersweet | tea_with_tom



Tiny Cut

*bitch-mode on*

If you were cut from my f-list today, I would appreciate if you take me off your list due to the fact that you're a loudmouth arse who likes to clog my friend's facebook post with your idiocy.

And no, my friend had nothing to do with this. She doesn't even know I did this. I simply don't want my list tarnished with people like you who have absolutely no tolerance for people who aren't like them.

*bitch-mode now off*

You want to rumble?

This is a promo post!

Have you ever heard of an icon rumble? I hadn't until this morning! I'm going to sign up to compete over at disney_rumble and I encourage you to do the same! If you do, please add in your sign-up comment that wildflower4evr sent you!

An icon rumble is similar to a LIMS challenge, except there are no eliminations in a rumble! Your score is based on your overall points earned throughout the rumble. All information is posted here!

That is all. Return to your day!

MixPod Player!

I decided to do this real quick. I'm in the midst of organizing the first batch of Avon product pictures! :D

I encourage you to give this little player a listen. There may be some songs that you haven't heard and may find you like!

Music Playlist at

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I started a comm for my writing!

flwrsinthefield will be a place where I will post my stories and poems! I don't plan on locking the entries at this point, so feel free to join or watch the community.

Though I have not done it yet, I do believe I will be removing any stories I've posted here on my personal journal and they will be available at flwrsinthefield.

I've already made a welcome post and I even posted a "What Type of Writer Should I Be?" quiz!

I hope to see ya'll there!

5 Things I Love About Dyno!

My girl dynonugget</lj>is truly one of a kind! It's so hard to believe that I just met her this year since I feel such a close bond with her. This is for you, girl!

5. She is honest and speaks her mind but avoids being rude about it!

4. She can write bitchin' story after bitchin' story!

3. She comments to every post no matter how busy her day has been! (I need training in this, dear! LoL!)

2. Her e-mails have the ability to make me smile no matter what!

1. She has become one of my closest friends despite the fact we have yet to meet!

*squishes* Not only are you a fantastic friend to have, you know how to create and run awesome communities!