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5 Things I Love About Dyno! 
12th-Dec-2008 01:03 am
My girl dynonugget</lj>is truly one of a kind! It's so hard to believe that I just met her this year since I feel such a close bond with her. This is for you, girl!

5. She is honest and speaks her mind but avoids being rude about it!

4. She can write bitchin' story after bitchin' story!

3. She comments to every post no matter how busy her day has been! (I need training in this, dear! LoL!)

2. Her e-mails have the ability to make me smile no matter what!

1. She has become one of my closest friends despite the fact we have yet to meet!

*squishes* Not only are you a fantastic friend to have, you know how to create and run awesome communities!

13th-Dec-2008 03:14 am (UTC)
Oh, Melissa, this is amazing. You held my hand while I cried (well, virtually anyway, LOL) and for that I love you. I am truly honored.

5. I try to be nice! Tact has never been my strong suit, you know. ROFL.

4. I'm glad you think so! I have a hard time believing I've written so very many!

3. As Dory sings in "Finding Nemo", 'Just keep swimming!'

2. YAY! I love knowing that.

1. Harry Potter in July, babe! If we can work it out, I'm there!

Thank you so very much for this. I heart you. *snuggles*
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