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about this journal
My real name is Melissa. I am a divorced mother of one. I am definitely over the age of 18. Family and friends are important to me. I was raised a Christian (Lutheran) and I do believe in God, but I won't try to shove my beliefs down the throats of others.

my passion
When I get bored or stressed, I turn to creating graphics. It's a relaxation for me. In fact, I started my own community for my graphics! Go check out wildflwr_fields and join! I've also begun to do my own tutorials for mainly icons, so feel free to check out wildflwrtutpsd. The tutorials are open to everyone, but only members can get their hands on the .PSD files!

my favorites
I love almost all types of music. My iPod holds an array of tunes that range from Backstreet Boys to Van Halen to Mamas and Papas to StarKid Potter. When it comes to the TV, I ♥ watching The World's Dumbest... and Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs. I ♥ the comedy of French & Saunders along with FRIENDS.

I ♥ Harry Potter! I mainly ship Dramione, but Harmony is a close second (which is weird, because Harmony is what I waved my fandom flag for originally). I have watched Twilight (but only with the help of RiffTrax) and must say that I would be torn when it came to shipping for that series. The character of Edward is fierce in his loyalty and clearly loves Bella. The exact same can be said for Jacob.

My journal layout was originally coded by snubbly and heavily edited by me. This profile layout was originally coded by creative_muse and slightly edited by me (I created the banner).

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baby development

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